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Stelisa, our ‘’green gold’’


It’s a family thing

Here we are, Cristina and Isabella, mother and daughter, with a very strong bond towards our home ‘Azienda Agricola la Meridiana’ and the whole territory of Garda Lake.

With Stelisa we make sure to bring the very high quality of Olive Oil Garda DOP to your tables, with a brand new and exclusive bottle.

Our oil

In our oil, or how we call it ‘green gold’, you will notice delicate fruity and vegetable flavours which blend perfectly with the persistent bitter and spicy notes, ending in an aftertaste of sweet almond.

“Stelisa represents for us a challenge, aiming to enhance the knowledge about Olive Oil Garda DOP disclosed in an exclusive design.”


Società Agricola La Meridiana s.s.
di Cristina Dallago & C.
Loc. Sorsei, 2 – Cavaion Veronese (VR) ITALIA